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To serve the communities of the world providing resources and assistance to families ready to restore their lives through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whom all things are possible.

"Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." - Jesus

Our Vision

Band of Brothers Ministries is currently a small organization with a BIG vision. For over five years, we have been sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with families and individuals while helping with overdue bills, drug and alcohol rehabilitation costs, resources for food, hygienic supplies, transportation and more.

However, as the ministry grows, so does our vision. With God's Word as the map and the Holy Spirit as the compass, we pray in the name of Jesus Christ for the resources needed to fulfill our mission statement. There are four programs that we would like to make the focus of our ministry over the next 5 years. We have listed the programs below and ask for your prayers, time, gifts and resources to help us succeed in making these programs a reality. Please use the contact form below and let us know how you can help.

Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing

This is not an emergency shelter.

We are a resource for families ready to rebuild their lives through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

These communities provide temporary housing to families ready to receive the grace freely given by God almighty who died for His children. This means that hearts, minds, bodies and souls are ready to be renewed through the Spirit allowing the restoration of their lives to be fulfilled.

All community residents will sign a contract and must follow it diligently. Weekly inspections are made for cleanliness. There is a curfew and on-site supervision by a community staff member. Residents are required to engage in weekly life skill and recovery classes, as well as weekly Bible study groups and church services. Random drug tests may be submitted to ensure their walk is one of faith, clarity and purpose. The head of the household for all residents must have a paying job outside of or through the ministry working 40 hours per week. Additionally, all residents over the age of 13 must work a minimum of five (5) hours toward the maintenance and services of the ministry each week. (Daycare is provided for those under 13 if needed)

The primary objective of the community is for residents to properly prepare and manage their finances so they may eventually be able to step out on their own with enough money for a deposit or down payment on their own residence.

Mobile Care Units

Mobile Care Units

Bringing love, compassion and assistance to the places in need.

Our fleet of mobile care units do so much more than washing feet.

There is a population in every city that goes days and weeks without a shower, fresh clothing, or any personal hygiene. Months and years go by without a haircut. Our mobile care units offer all of these services and more to those who need it most. Many different forms of transportation can be converted into a one stop resource for getting a shower, clean clothes, shoes, shave, haircut, nail trimming and so much more. These units can park anywhere it is allowed, bringing the care and assistance to the places most desperate for help.

Bill Assistance

Bill Assistance

Has your utility services been disconnected?

The "Let there be light" program may be able to assist you.

If your major utilities have been disconnected, or are in jeopardy of being turned off, we may be able to help restore your service(s). A quick assessment can be performed to determine how the situation arose and more importantly, how to prevent it from being an ongoing problem. Based on your financial situation, our experienced staff will build a sustainability plan which must be strictly adhered to. This will include weekly visits with your assigned agent to review your plan. Educational videos, personalized training & more.

Food & Nutrition Help

Grocery Help

Access to healthy food and nutrition education

The "Breaking bread" program was created to provide immediate relief to families going hungry.

Our ever growing network of food banks and food pantries and meal programs serve the community as Christ Jesus has instructed us to do. We are all one body in Christ and no one deserves to go hungry. Food is free without any expectation of donation or repayment, but recipients should expect a brief intake or check-in process. Assistance does not end with the groceries because developing health eating habits causes better mental health, increasing happiness and reduces anxiety.


Southern Lights

Southern Lights Band

Leading the way with a new flavor of Christian music they call "God Rock". Southern Lights is Dedicated to using their gifts & talents,this trio plays every show as if it were their last and always plays for an audience of one. Committed to supporting the vision of Band of Brothers, Southern Lights donates 60% of the profits from every show.

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The Upper Room Minitries

The Upper Room

The Upper Room ministry is for all who want to worship our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. We sing, we praise and we pray & support each other. Let's do life together!

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Combee Connection Minitries

Combee Connection

The Combee Connection Ministries commitment to serving Christ Jesus is the same today as it will be tomorrow. Their mission statement is to provide The Gospel, food, clothing, other life sustaining items, love and a sense of community and belonging to those in need.

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Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery for the Whole Family Saturdays: Service 6 pm, Small Groups 7:10 pm

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Harvest Meat Markets

Harvest Meat Market

Harvest Meat Market has been serving Polk County since 2010. We have 7 locations. It’s truly Our Pleasure To Serve You. Check out for more specials

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Lighthouse Ministries

Lighthouse Ministries

Lighthouse Ministries is set apart by the Spirit of God to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to meet the physical, emotional, and other needs of the poor and at-risk population.

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Software for success

Lucas143 is a custom software solution that offers everything an organization needs to provide exceptional short and long term care to their clients. Easily manage all your locations, staff and services. Quickly perform assessments, track services, staff time and notes. Lucas143 also uses government level encryption to store all HIPAA sensitive information such as social security numbers and documents.

If you find that after performing an assessment your services are not a match, or if your organization is at capacity, refer the assessment to another organization on the Lucas143 network with the click of a button. Lucas143 was developed using the latest Microsoft database and web technology and the future in mind. Designed to scale as the ministry scales and the industry evolves.

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Matthew 25:40

The King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

Join Us!

We are always in need of brothers and sisters to contribute their gifts and talents to serve God through the ministry of Band of Brothers. Together we can change the world simply by loving others as Jesus Christ loved us. There is an endless list of positions to fill and resources required to better our ability to care for those in need.